By Nancy Moldt Sugges / 11 years ago

You would only have to walk in to my front room once to know that anything to do with flags holds my interest.  I have pictures of flags, flag clocks, flag nutcrackers, bears holding flags – well, you get the idea.  That having been said, July 4th, is my favorite holiday.  Pete sets the flag and the stepstool out the evening of July 3rd to remind him that at dawn our flag had better be flying.

What exactly does the flag stand for?  It is possible that everyone that would be asked that question would have a slightly different answer.  The answer would, no doubt, be something about standing for the USA.  And most all answers would be acceptable as long as they stood for pride in being an American.  Who can not get a bit dewey-eyed seeing the pictures of the soldiers raising the flag at Iwo Jima, when the flag draped coffins get unloaded at Andrews Air Force Base, the crisp salute of one old soldier to another, the defining moments of the first chords of The Star Spangled Banner?  It is patriotism at its finest.

There is also the right to freedoms as long as they are lawful.  It is an awesome task to teach every citizen that the very thing they take for granted – freedom – is also one of the greatest gifts they can be given.  To be an American and to be entrusted with the choices we have should not be taken lightly.  Just ask anyone who has had some freedoms taken away.

Flags, freedoms, patriotism – the older I get the more I treasure that I can have them all.  Take your hats off, you gents, when the flag is presented.  It is a simple symbol that you understand you respect your country.  We ladies will be by your side blinking quickly to let only one or two tears slip down our cheeks.