Passings of Interest

By kaw / 6 years ago
Photo of Psalm 23

Over the last several months, several persons from Lime Springs have passed away. Here are the ones whom I knew and feel readers, especially those away from the area, might find interesting.

I’ll simply list their names and post a link to their obituaries, with only very brief comment. Just click on the link; it should take you to the obituary.

Myrna Mertens Ballard (LSHS 1956)

Mercedes Baethke (Taught in Lime Springs in the 50s)

Eric A. Larson (Grandson of Del Larson; son of Paul Larson)

Larry D. Gates (Home: The Brick House)

Helen M. Cheney (LSHS 1952)

Marian Anderlik (Cresco teacher)

Arlin Dwayne Hebrink (Brother of Jerry Hebrink; married Georgia Tibbals)