Found! Or Was It Ever Lost

By Nancy Moldt Sugges / 12 years ago

Very recently my husband, Peter, and I were enjoying an early evening in Arizona just visiting during what lots of folks call Happy Hour.  Quite out of the blue Peter said to me, “What is it that makes Lime Springs so special”?  Now those of you who live in or near Lime Springs know why it is special.  His question had farther reaching implications as to why after having been gone over 50 years, I am still attracted to Lime Springs like a bee to honey.

It is, of course, the people that have always made the town special.  At my high school miin-reunion of 54 years this past fall many of the graduating class came together.  It was a wonderful collection of classmates from near and far.  The years have taken some toll on our bodies – but never our spirits.  How we just quicky assemble and the joy and laughter rings out as we think back and recall this and that from our time in Lime Springs.  We, at one time, were the people of Lime Springs.  Now we have gone on and try and spread the feelings of community.

How do you convey this wonderful sense of belonging to someone who has never experienced it?  Kids get on buses and go quickly to school.  Lessons in every conceiveable activity are held in various towns so no long lasting friendships really develop. Life whizzes in one direction one day and the opposite direction the next.  Good things can still happen and do – but they are just not quite the same.  The good old days have become history.

I’ve been very happy since Peter asked me the question about Lime Springs.  I can’t seem to stop thinking about all the reasons the town is special.  It was years ago and it is now.  It has to be special or why is it the first thing I am doing today is to let you know how fondly I remember so much.  Think on just one delightful time in Lime Springs and see if it doesn’t just keep your mind working on hundreds of memories that go in all directions.

You will have found the reason Lime Springs is special.