Why Lime Springs??

By Nancy Moldt Sugges / 11 years ago


For nigh onto 50 years I have not lived in Lime Springs.  Off and on through all those years I have been asked why I still get nostalgic and sentimental when I talk about it.  It isn’t a bad question to be asked but I wonder if I have ever really conveyed to the folks asking just what is it about Lime Springs that is special?

Those who currently live there know the answer.

I was reminded just yesterday.  It was shortly after lunch and Pete and I were working around here when the door bell rang.  I looked out and saw a young man standing there.  I opened the door and he introduced himself as a fellow who had moved in with our single male neighbor on the corner.  He went on to explain that when he came home for lunch he must have left his headlights on.  Now he had attempted to start his car to return to work and it gave all the indications that leaving the headlights on had run down the battery.  He wondered if we would consider giving him a ‘jump’ and if so we would need to have jumper cables as he didn’t own them.   I told him we would be happy to help him and we did have jumper cables.  Pete pulled his car over, attached the jumper cables, and within a very few minutes the young fellow was on his way.  He was very grateful.

Pete told me when he came in that this fellow had tried another neighbor who would not help him.

Two things really struck me:  The first is had he driven home for lunch in Lime Springs and left his head lights on, a neighbor would have opened the car door and turned them off.  The second is if somehow his battery had gone dead, a neighbor would have been out their door to offer help the minute he raised his hood.

It isn’t just that Lime Springs is not a large town, it is that it is filled with folks who care about each other.

Why else would Kareen and Earl Johnson and their family give up their Thanksgiving at home and cook for anyone who needs to be with others on that holiday.  They sincerely care that no one feels alone.

Why does the CaringBridge web site for Dale Kitchen have over 5000 guest messages?  All of us can relate to others who are having the misfortune of being ill and if a note of cheer helps, we will figure out how to log on and let Dale and his family know.

Why did Donna Ihns alter her move to town somewhat?  For reasons beyond control the Methodists were not going to have an organist for Palm and Easter Sunday.  To not have spectacular music on those particular two Sundays is unheard of for those of us who were raised when Methodist music was to be heard!  Donna saved the day.

Why does the informal grapevine in Lime Springs operate?  Because folks know others would want to know and offer any advice, help or opinions there are.

Thanks, Lime Springs for the lessons you teach us.  We may be gone but we have not forgotten.