Where’s the News??

By kaw / 10 years ago

“I’ve noticed that on The Lime Springs Page there has not been much news, other than death notices and the Quote of the Day,” one regular reader just told me.

Of course I had to agree. A bit of explanation/excuse might be in order.

This has been a busy three weeks at the Williams household. One cataract removed, successfully. A funeral in Lakeville, MN. Getting ready for new flooring in the condo (moving furniture, removing baseboards, removing toilets.) Last week, actually installing the flooring (they did the installing, I did the furniture moving)—a week from hell, basically!

This week, another funeral, this one near Forest City. Reinstalling the baseboards and toilet stools and getting the furniture back into the proper room, then to their proper location, is taking up my time.

But the pressure to finish is building; Pat has invited her “paintin’ buddies” to meet at our place next Thursday. And next Wednesday I am scheduled to fly with a new student. I have only a few days to do lots of work.

I may or not be good, but I am slow. So I better get at it.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Oh, who was the regular reader who was kind enough to mention this situation?

My sister!