Today there is NEWS!

By kaw / 8 years ago

Indeed, there is news from Iowa today!

Iowa State University 44

The University of Iowa 41

ISU made a touchdown to put them three points ahead, and for the win, in the third overtime!

This game was not for the faint-of-heart, to be sure. It was almost all Iowa in the first quarter, but ISU marginally was in control beyond that. Yet they only led one time during regulation play.

Coach Paul Rhodes will surely enjoy this, his first win over Iowa in the three years he’s been at Ames.

Each Saturday, The Gazette publishes predictions by six local “experts.” ALL predicted an Iowa win, a few by a close margin.

But Mike Hlas of The Gazetter predicted the score would be 43-41, favoring Iowa of course. He also predicted it would take three overtimes to decide! Give that man a cigar! He only missed by one point and another small detail: who the winner would be! Good job, Mike!

I suspect ISU gained a great deal of respect and stature today in the sports world. Sports isn’t everything, of course, but this time of year one could easily conclude that it was.