End-of-Week Activities

By kaw / 5 years ago
Photo of Pat and Keith at Machine Shed Restaurant on a super-busy Friday.

Super-Busy Friday

I usually consider one activity a day normal. Yesterday was abnormal, to say the least! It was a super-busy Friday. We were busy from 9 AM to 9 PM! We visited granite warehouses in Iowa City and Davenport for the second time. The goal: select THE slab of granite we wanted for our new counter tops. We were successful, so now it’s on to selecting sink and faucet!

That did give us the opportunity to have lunch at the Machine Shed Restaurant in Davenport. the last time I was there was probably 20+ years ago with a group from China.

When we got home, I handled a few phone calls—one of which was an invitation to go out to dinner with friends and then attend a concert. We accepted, thus making a busy day even busier.

We had to go grocery shopping as we had put that off a few days already. So we did that.

Friends picked us up at 5:00 for dinner at the Stove House in Central City. They were packed. We barely made the concert before it started.

We went to Coggan to the 100+ year old Coggan Opera House. The performance: the Blackwood Quartet, a well-known gospel quartet who had close ties to Elvis. We enjoyed the concert. I would have enjoyed it much more if the recorded music to which they sang would have been much lower in volume.

Needless to say, we were tired when we finally got home!! In some ways, that’s the sign of a successful day!

Football Season

The college football season began with a big bang today.

Except for the ISU Cyclones. It began with more of a “pht” for them, as they lost to UNI 25-20.

And I couldn’t even watch Iowa, as the Medicom package we subscribe to doesn’t include ESPNU, the only TV network or station to carry it.

There’ll be better days. Perhaps even this year!

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