Guardian Angel of The Lime Springs Page

By kaw / 5 years ago
Photo of guardian angel and her husband

Guardian Angel Keeps This Site Honest

Did you know websites have guardian angels? This site does, thankfully! Now that you know this, I’ll explain.

There’s a person who is kind enough to make sure I look good to readers of The Lime Springs Page. When I spell a word incorrectly or use an incorrect word, I get an email from her which very politely says, in effect, “Hey, Keith, you screwed up. Again.” Of course she says it in such a way that no offense can be taken.

She not only helps with grammatical and spelling errors, but also factual errors. The truth is, I can’t get by with anything as long as the guardian angel is on duty!

I live 100+ miles from Lime Springs. She lives 1000+ miles from Lime Springs, yet is still interested enough in our hometown to do what she can to make it look good, or at least presentable, on this site.

Elizabeth Owen would be shocked to know that I have created such a website and pleased that Nancy is working hard to keep me honest!

And so I name Nancy Moldt Sugges as Guardian Angel of The Lime Springs Page. Without her, you’d see many more errors of one kind or another on this site.

I appreciate her help and interest. I really appreciate it.

Thank You, Nancy!

The picture shows Nancy with her husband, Pete, in their home in Chandler, Arizona. It was taken in June of 2016 while celebrating the anniversary of a birthday or wedding.

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