Reunion Recovery

By Nancy Moldt Sugges / 12 years ago

Photo of Janet and Bill Prochaska

I wish there were a pill or two manufactured that would help with the after effects of having been part of one terrific high school class reunion.  It is the need to hold dear all the conversations and events that begin to get away.  Since such pills are not yet marketed, those of us who were part of the 52nd anniversary of the Class of 1957 will do our best to just bask in the after glow of having been together.

Prairie du Chien, WI seemed, at first, an off beat location to have us assemble.  Now those folks who took on the organization of the details, Pat and John and Janet and Bill, knew it was the perfect place.  They were right.  Just to look around at the scenery was terrific.  Add to that every few hours some more classmates showed up to be part of the scenery and the result was the perfect picture.

Bill, Donna, Janet, Jim, Karen, Pat, Ron, Wailana, Wendell and myself were there.  Ten with guest, Darlene, who was in our Freshman class and then transferred, and some spouses brought the total to 16.  Conversations got started and then interrupted as yet another would offer a hug and a new conversation would start up.  We ‘toasted’ each other past, present and future and oodles of other things.

As near as I could tell for a bunch of folks who have found the Fountain of Youth our health is not of great concern.  We swap a few’ What kind of blood pressure med do you take?’ stories but basically we are in great shape.  In fact we were going at such a goodly pace I noticed, The Barn, where we ate locked the doors and turned off the lights when we left.  Many of us had several more hours of awakeness.

Photo of Pat (Mertens) and John Dvorak and Darlene (Troxel) HoveyThe 52nd is now in the history books and we have our plans for our 54th underway.  Pat and Janet and spouses had such fun and did such a good job they did not have to be encouraged to plan the next reunion, they volunteered.
The thought is to add a few days to what was planned this year as many came early and stayed later.  Prairie is a dandy town to invade; i.e., good food, great parks, attractions, and never forget Lady Luck on the river!

Our wish is that just once all the classmates would come.  Why in the world would you want to miss out on this kind of fun with folks who knew you then and would like to know you now??