Jerry Stevenson, LSHS 55, Passed Away

By kaw / 4 years ago

It is with sadness that I’m reporting the death of a high school classmate, Jerry Stevenson. Jerry was one of five boys in the class of 1955. He and Merlin Rix have now passed away, leaving ten classmates.

Jerry passed away down here in Texas, only about fifteen miles from where we are spending our winter, on Monday. His funeral will be Sunday in Charles City, with burial in Elma.

Here’s Jerry’s obituary:

Jerry was one of the most colorful member of the class! He was always smiling and seemed to never have a worry, even when I saw him years after graduation. He tried a variety of things in life; guess he loved a bit of adventure! I recall telling me of working the wheat harvest as it moved northward —as a truck driver, if I recall correctly.

He also was a motorcyclist, something I also enjoy.

The three remaining men of the class are Gary Thomas, New Albin; Jerry Hebrink, Cresco, and me, Cedar Rapids. The seven ladies of our class are more widely scattered.

Our sympathy goes out to Jerry’s family at this sad time.