Bell Ringer Thursday

By Hannah / 5 years ago

One of my favorite days of the week is Thursday. For one thing, it’s the day right before Friday, and I usually don’t have anywhere to go after school. Thursdays also don’t feel rushed, which is something that I enjoy very much about them. I can catch up on things like piano and articles, and still have time leftover to relax and read. However, one of the main reasons I like this particular day of the week is because of Bell Ringer Thursday.

I enjoy all of my classes at school, and I feel like I learn something from each one. Each class has something to teach me, and furthers my knowledge in some way. However, one of the classes that I most enjoy is my Comparative US and World Studies class (which is really just a long winded and fancy name for Social Studies). Our teacher, Mr. Elbert, is really fun and helps to put things in terms that we understand. I like that in his class, history isn’t just facts and dates. It’s a story that is still being told.

Bell Ringer Thursday is a unique part of Comp that occurs every Thursday. Mr. Elbert puts together a slide presentation of word puzzles, quotes, and political cartoons for us to talk about. It usually only takes up ten minutes or so of class time, and I really enjoy what we talk about. A lot of it can be related back to what we’re learning in class, and the political cartoons that we talk about really help me understand a lot of the political issues going on nowadays.

However, one of the best parts of Bell Ringer Thursdays are the thoughtful quotes and questions that he puts up for us to think about. There are questions like “What do you most want to achieve in your life?” and “Who is the strongest person you know?”. I really like these questions because they aren’t ones that you can answer in a split second. Some people in our class had answers that they thought of right away, but many of us weren’t sure. The questions serve to remind us that there are some things in life that we don’t know and might have to search a little to find out.

Bell Ringer Thursdays will always be one of my favorite parts of the week. It helps educate us on current events, we get to puzzle through clever word tricks, and it makes us consider things that we might not, under normal circumstances. And, of course, it’s right before Friday. Even if you don’t have a Bell Ringer Thursday wherever you work or go to school, try to take ten minutes out of one day of your week to look up fun political cartoons, or famous quotes, or interesting word puzzles. And maybe it’ll become as fun a part of your week as it has mine. See you next week!

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