Current Activities

By kaw / 5 years ago

License Renewal

One of my current activities this week is working on an on-line course. Completion will lead to a two-year renewal of my flight instructor certificate. I started Saturday and now have only two lessons to go. I’m hoping I can finish both of them tomorrow morning.

Then I’ll print the “diploma” and send it and other required documents to the FAA in Ankeny. By and by, I’ll get my new Certified Flight Instructor card, which now is a plastic card like a driver’s license but with no picture of the holder on it.

This might be the last time I renew it. I’ve told myself that when I reach 80, I’ll stop. I’ll reach that age one year from today. In two years, we’ll see if I’ve changed my mind about the renewal.

Current Activities in the Area

For some time, there’s been a section or page here on The Lime Springs Page called Regional News. It brings in news articles from area newspapers which I thought Lime Springers might be interested in. I don’t believe that page gets viewed very often, so I’m going to try something new.

Below this article, there’ll be a link to two articles from the Rochester paper. If you wish to read an article, just click on it.

Now the catch: Please let me know if you have interest in this sort of thing or if you do not. Also, which newspapers would you like to see listed here? You can click on the little black “Feedback” rectangle on the left side, up near the top, to easily send me a note.


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