By kaw / 5 years ago

Natural Beauty Abounds Nearby

Natural Beauty Within Ten Feet of Our Front Door

Here are some of the things I see when I walk out my front door! Natural beauty at my doorstep!

Photo of natural beauty, a rose opening!

Rose Opening 1

Photo of a red rose opening, natural beauty for sure!

Rose Opening 2

Photo of insect with long, slender, legs ---natural beauty!

Insect With Really Slender, Really Long, Legs

Photo (enlarged) of insect, natural beauty.

Details of the insect pictured above

Technical Details

These pictures were taken with my cellphone, a Samsung S6. Honestly, it’s the best camera I have now. It’s also the most easily carried, by far!

The bad news is that it doesn’t have nearly as many different things to set as my Canon has and is therefore limited in what it can do. Or does it have them and I simply don’t know how to access them? Could be!

Telephones have come a long way in the last 75 years, haven’t they!

And so have cameras.