By Nancy Moldt Sugges / 11 years ago

As I get older so much seems to change.  The accumulated decades for me have seen air travel go from a wonderful experience all dressed up in the best clothes to being crammed into seats that have limited room and we all wear the most comfy clothes.  We used to get a pretty decent selection of food in the ticket price, now only a handful offer any food and it comes with a stiff price.  It does save us precious time to fly so we put up with the snake lines through security and going barefoot.  The change is from prop planes to jets and they are a modern miracle.

Just being able to toss out my thoughts via computer to whoever logs in is a big change.  It used to be we had a penny postcard and it might take a week for it to get across the country.  The penny postcards are now collector items.  I have a nice batch of these postcards from the early 1900s that my Grandma saved and I inherited.  There are some treasures, not only in the messages, but also the pictures on the front.  We can now do Facebook and Twitter and who knows all of the social links available for free on the computer.  Their messages go out in seconds.

If you look in the freezer sections in the grocery stores the ability to microwave a fine meal in a very few minutes is a modern change.  I recall pot roasts simmering for hours.  I’m not sure if folks are cooking much now – but with all the dandy prepared foods it might not be necessary.  Some day future generations will chuckle that we spent so much time off and on in the kitchen.  I like to cook so not loving the challenge of trying new spices or different foods seems like a sad loss if it comes.

As the holiday season approaches take some time to think back to the times you were younger and what made an impression on you.  Has the passing of time changed it?