Amazing? Yes You Are!

By Hannah / 6 years ago

YOU are Amazing!

How many times have you looked to the person next to you and thought “I wish I had their hair…”?  Or maybe “They look so good in that outfit.  I wish I could look that good…”?  We spend way too much time comparing our lives to the lives of other people.  We look at everything in our lives and make the good parts of it seem small and insignificant.  Instead, we should be grateful for the life that we have, instead of wishing for the life we would like to have.

When you look at a person, you only see the kind of person they want you to see.  You see the smartest, best looking, well dressed, wittiest, most amazing kind of person that they can show the world.  We see that, and then we think to our own life.  We think about the insecurities that we have, and we judge ourselves, based on the facade of other people, when we shouldn’t.

Imperfect Lives

We also shouldn’t assume that someone else’s life is perfect, just because they make it seem like that.  Everyone has problems with their life.  No matter who.  We might have different problems, but we’re still in the same boat.  Just because a person seems to have their life together, and everything figured out, doesn’t mean that they do.  It just means that they want you to think that.

We overlook the bad in some people, and sometimes we do the exact opposite with ourselves.  We focus on the bad that we think is in us, and we don’t always try to see the good.  Everyone has good, and it might feel silly to stand in front of a mirror and think “I have a pretty smile, I have nice teeth, I am a nice person, etc.”  However, doing this makes you feel better about yourself (but maybe a little silly).

Look in the Mirror

Take time to consider the good in yourself.  Instead of thinking about the things that you don’t like about yourself, think about the good qualities you do have.  Be thankful for the talents and characteristics that you do possess, instead of wasting time wishing for the talent of someone else.  It’s okay to be impressed with someone, but you don’t need to wish that you were them.

Look in the mirror every once in a while.  You have good qualities.  Don’t compare yourself to others, and don’t compare your achievements to other people’s achievements.  Appreciate your unique characteristics, and don’t take them for granted.  Always remember, YOU are amazing.  See you next week!

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