A New Decade

By Nancy Moldt Sugges / 11 years ago

There has been much made in our local paper here in Arizona if we have another year to go before it is a new decade.  One of my favorite columnists printed a very explicit instruction on counting out on our fingers when a new decade would begin.  Start with 2000 on your left little finger and move across all other 9 digits and you wind up with 2009 on the right little finger.  Puzzle solved.  A new decade starts in 2010.  That brought up a new dilemna on if we were to say two thousand ten or twenty ten.  I rather decided that would be figured out as the year progressed.

I am pretty sure I gave up resolutions many decades ago.  I had a habit of not writing them down.  That may have been on purpose so I never had to find them later in the year and find out I had kept none of them.  I do recall thinking a weight loss would be a good one to have for many years in succession.  If I ever put a pound total down as a goal in my head, I never achieved it.  I once had a doctor who had me come in every month to see if I was losing weight.  I did as long as he had his practice.  He retired and so did my good intentions.

So what am I thinking about as a new decade is on the horizon?  I wish for Pete and I to continue to enjoy our good health.  I wish for our daughter Liz to love her new position.  I also wish continued good health for her.  She plans to begin a new volunteer activity with an animal rescue group.  I certainly wish she would not decide that she should adopt every animal she falls in love with.  Kitties or cats claim a large portion of her heart.

And if a nice fighting trout decides my fly line has an attractive fly on it and I hook the trout, well the start to the decade will be about perfect!