2 – Missy’s Stein & Dine

By Guest / 11 years ago

Missy’s Stein & Dine was the second “Wonder of Lime Springs” we visited. It is a “wonder” because one of its outside walls is a mural. The mural was painted by Mr. Hughes, our principal, his wife and three college friends.  Not every small town has a beautiful mural like this one.

Another reason this old building is a “wonder” is because it has an elevator. This elevator is run on a big pulley system. You ride up and down on a wooden platform. It holds four people at a time. There were four elevators in Lime Springs and this one is the only one left.

This old building is one of the oldest buildings in town. The floors are original, the bar ame from across the street and it originally was a mercantile.

It serves the people of Lime Springs very well. Approximately 30-80 customers are there each day. If you wanted to have a party, it can hold about 300 people.

When you visit this “Wonder of Lime Springs,” you might meet Kris, Marion or Missy. They will serve you whatever you want.