3 – Community Center and Fire Station

By Guest / 11 years ago

The Lime Springs Community Center is the third “Wonder of Lime Springs.” This building has many uses. Some of them are community dinner, lunches and breakfasts. It can also be used for graduation parties, wedding receptions and community functions.

The center was built in 2003. It took from springtime until November to complete this building. The cost was about $500,000.

Our mayor, Walter McIntosh, gave us a tour of this wonder. The fireplace is made of limestone. The building has three exits and meets all fire codes. The center has a well-equipped kitchen and it is easy for handicapped people to move around in. It is open most every day and has tables, chairs, a photo quilt and a dance floor.

The Lime Springs Fire Station is located right next to te Community Center. There are 20 volunteer firefighters. One of them is my dad, Tony Throndson. This station cost about $80,000 to build. There are five trucks and a water tanker. The fire fighters are ready at a moment’s notice to fight a fire.

We are so lucky to have this “wonder” in Lime Springs.