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Expect the Unexpected

Sometimes, we tend to think that what we see is what we get.  However, that is not always the case.  In fact, that’s almost never the case.  You’d be surprised what you can learn if you open your eyes, and try to expect the unexpected.

I find that after a while, my days can drag on.  One day blends into another, and nothing is exciting.  It’s during these times that I truly hope for something unexpected to happen.  I like to know what’s going on in my life, but sometimes, it’s a good thing to have a bit of a surprise.

For example, I enjoy school.  Especially after a long break.  It’s nice to do something productive, instead of sitting on the couch, melting mind with TV.  However, after the first few days of seeing friends again, and goofing around with teachers, school seems to dull down again.  It’s not as much fun.  This means that when there’s a substitute teacher, or a surprise assembly, we enjoy it.  Maybe the assembly isn’t that entertaining, or the sub is strict, but we still like it, because it’s outside of our normal schedule.

People Can Be Surprising

Situations aren’t the only thing that can offer surprises.  People can be surprising, too.  I have met lots of people that have impressed me, and I love it every time.  I stayed after school one day, and I met one of my teacher’s kids.  We were in my school’s music room, and there was a piano in the room with us.  He offered to play a song for me that he learned in piano.  I agreed, and he sat down to play.  This kid is about my sister’s age, and I suppose I expected him to play at about her level.  This was not, however, the case.  He played his song, and when he did, my mouth dropped open.  He was amazing!  Not only was he playing a song that was intricate and beautiful, but had memorized it!  I was very impressed.

Sometimes people can surprise you, and so can different situations, but you have to remember that you yourself can offer some surprises.  I gave a speech in my class.  I was nervous all week before, and I prepared over and over.  I was a nervous wreck right before I had to go, but when it was over, I had done okay.  I wasn’t exactly stellar, but that was what I had expected.  I had surprised myself because I was nervous, but I still did it.  I joked around with my friends that I was going to pass out when it was my turn, but I almost believed it.  Now that I have done this, I feel like I am better at speaking, and if not better at speaking, then I know that I trust myself a little more than I did before.

Surprises aren’t always good, but the ones that are, are worth waiting for.  Remember not to judge people before you know them, because there is a chance they could surprise you.  And especially remember always to try to surprise yourself.  See you next week!

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