Adventuresome Team Has LS Connection

By kaw / 7 years ago

First Lime Springs, Then the World

Photo of Betty Wilson, one half of the adventuresome team.

Betty Johnson Wilson

Betty Johnson grew up in Lime Springs, the daughter of Arlow and June Johnson. In the decades since she left Lime Springs, she’s seen and done lots of interesting things! I wonder if she was the one to first use the phrase, “Been there; done that!”

The adventures probably began when she married Chuck Wilson 47 years ago, thus forming this adventuresome team. And the adventures are still happening!

Adventuresome Team Completes Trip

Chuck Wilson, one half of the adventuresome team.

Chuck Wilson,
Biker Extraordinary

Their latest adventure ended this summer, when Chuck completed his bike ride. Now this just wasn’t any old bike ride! It began in Key West and ended in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska!

A Naples, Florida, paper published an article about the trip. You might find it interesting!

Share Your Adventure

But I’m sure Betty isn’t the only one who has had an interesting adventure since leaving Lime Springs. Let’s turn some of them into an article for The Lime Springs Page or the Lime Springs Herald!

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