The Test

By Hannah / 7 years ago

Tae Kwon Do Test

I participate in Tae Kwon Do twice a week.  To get the next belt in Tae Kwon Do, you have to go through a test.  During this test, you have to show what you learned.

Photo of Hannah breaking board with a kick during Tae Kwan Do test.

“I will pass this test!       I will pass this test!”
“…and I did!”

For me, the hardest part of every test is breaking the board.  I recently went through a test, and I passed it.  It was super hard for me to imagine breaking that board, and yet I still did it.  The feeling of relief and joy that I felt afterwards is indescribable.

Three Lessons for Life

Lesson One

I learned three major lessons from going to that test.  First, we can do things we never even imagined.  I believed I could break that board, but a part of me was shocked when I did break it.  I think there’s always a part of us that doubts ourselves.  While you can’t silence that part of yourself, you can quiet its voice by thinking nothing but positive thoughts about what you need to do.

Lesson Two

Secondly, I learned to look past whatever is stressful in my life.  Prior to the test, I was nervous and stressing about it.  I talked to someone about how anxious I felt, and they suggested to think about what I would do the next day.  During my test, it helped me stay calm to think about what I was going to do the day after.  This let me remember that life went on after this.  Tomorrow is another day, and another chance.

Lesson Three

Thirdly, I learned that people are there to support you.  When I broke my board, everyone cheered.  Even though they didn’t know me, they were still on my side, and they wanted me to succeed.  There was no one who didn’t want me to do well, and if there was, they kept quiet about it.

People Support Us

I’m glad that I went to that test.  It taught me that I can do things that are difficult for me, to look past the stressful parts of my life, and people are always there to support you, not tear you down.  I learned a lot from that test, and the things I learned will not be forgotten.  See you next week!

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