Hannah’s Articles

By kaw / 7 years ago

Hannah’s Articles

Hannah has just posted another article, this one about her Tae Kwon Do activities.

To read this and all of her articles, just click on “Hanna’s Keyboard Creations” in the menu line at the top of the page.

Her articles will no longer appear here on the front page. All of them will be only in her section, Hannah’s Keyboard Creations. (This was the intent all along. I just hadn’t figured out how to implement it until today.)

Hannah is a seventh-grader who loves to write. She’s disciplined and always on schedule. And she does a good job! So far, I’ve made no changes other than to add sub-heads and pictures.

Hannah’s Lime Springs Connection

Hannah is a granddaughter of Lee and Sheryl (LSHS ’55) Sloan of Jefferson, Iowa. She’s published here because she does have a connection to Lime Springs and because she’s willing to do it!

Have you noticed the five stars below each of her articles? They are there so you can express your opinion as to the quality of the article, or your enjoyment of the article. I’m sure Hannah would appreciate knowing what you think of her efforts! Just click on the star furthest to the right that you feel appropriate. For example, if you want to rank an article as being “four out of five” stars, click on the fourth star to the right.

Your Opportunity

If you’d like to write one (or a few dozen!) articles for The Lime Springs Page, they would be most welcome!

I’m awaiting a poem from Gary T. to publish. You can probably beat him! (In case you didn’t know it, Gary writes wonderful poems!)