Sweet Corn Days Worship Service

By kaw / 5 years ago
Photo of flowers in memory of R. Kenneth and Ione Jones

R. Kenneth & Ione Jones Remembered

The flowers above were provided by the two daughters of R. Kenneth and Ione Jones in memory of their parents. R. Kenneth was the son of “Leader Dick,” long-time owner of “The Leader Store” and resident of “the brick house.” The daughters, whose names I missed, live in California and Oregon.

Their beauty added to the worship service, as they graced the trailer which served as the stage for the performers. The picture was taken as Phyllis Stevenson was about to deliver them to the fire station entrance so others could enjoy them.

Thank You, ladies, for remembering your hometown and honoring your parents, who were active citizens of Lime Springs, in this special way.

Johnson Strings On Return Engagement

A few years ago (three or four?) The Johnson Strings presented the morning worship service. This year, the were back: older, taller, and better! The family of six children plus mom and dad, are from New Hartford, Iowa. That’s a bit west of Cedar Falls.

 There was a good crowd on hand to enjoy the Sunday morning concert. Look carefully and see how many friends you can spot!


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