By Hannah / 6 years ago

Watching it Rain

Today I witnessed a rainstorm.  It was just like hundreds of other rainstorms I have seen, except I went outside and watched this one.  I’ve always loved rain.  I love the smell, the colors, the sounds, and the feeling of the rain.  I loved watching this rainstorm no less.

When I stood outside, watching the rain fall, the first thing I noticed was the smell.  The smell of rain.  I can’t compare it to anything else, other than it’s a thick smell, like a kind of candle.  At first, it seems merely smelly, nothing special.  However, I think the smell of rain is very special.  It smells like earth, and dirt, but at the same time, somehow seems clean.

Rain, Puddles, and Mist

I watched the rain hit the ground and form puddles running along the street.  Because the ground was so hot, steam rose up from the hot asphalt on the street.  I liked seeing the mist disappear into thin air.  I walked onto my driveway, and felt that the concrete was hot.  When I stood in the middle of a large puddle, the water was hot as well.

Standing on my driveway, I was reminded of when I was little and would run out in rubber boots and umbrellas during the rain, trying desperately to use shovels and buckets to scoop up some of the rain.  I remember splashing and running through the puddles, trying to get the biggest splash.  I remember falling down and instantly regretting it when my pants got soaked.  However, I remember all the wet being worth it.

…and then, Blue Sky

When I stood on my porch, watching the storm blow away, I could see blue sky appearing just to the left of it.  I watched as the rain intensified, as a last ditch effort by the storm to soak everything.  I saw the clouds disappear, and bright blue sky with fluffy white clouds take it’s place.  In that moment, I don’t think the sky has ever looked so blue.

There is something special about rainstorms.  Not only the smell, the sight, the sound, or the memories.  I think the best part of the rain is how it makes us think.  How it means so many different things to different people.  Some people may think that rain symbols sadness and loss, while others may think it means peace and comfort.  I feel like rain is a sign of rebirth, and another chance.  It’s a symbol of redemption.

What Does Rain Mean to You?

Next time you see a rainstorm, think about what it means to you.  Consider what memories and thoughts it inspires.  Enjoy whatever you feel during a rainstorm.  Next time you see a rainstorm, go and watch the puddles, smell the rain, listen to the wind, and enjoy watching the rain fall.  See you next week!

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