Lime Springs Beef Building Becoming Real!

By kaw / 6 years ago

Lime Springs Beef Building Progressing

Even with the cold, cold, weather and snow in Lime Springs, the building which will house Lime Springs Beef is progressing!

Photo of Lime Springs Beef building site, Nov, 2013.

Lots of progress has been made on Lime Springs Beef’s building
since this November picture.

Marcie published a good update on the building process in a recent issue of the Herald. You can read it here:

Lime Springs Beef’s Website

The Herald article also mentioned the website of Lime Springs Beef. I’d not checked it out for weeks. Probably even a few months. Time to check it out, I thought.

I was pleased to find a complete website with lots of great information on the company which has the potential to “put Lime Springs on the map.”

The website features three of the families which will be raising cattle for the operation. The idea of that is that consumers will get to know their farmers. You may already know them, but think you’ll find their stories interesting anyway.

Here’s the Lime Springs Beef website. Check it out!!