Less is More

By Hannah / 6 years ago

There are so many good things in this world.  Material things, like cake, good books, cats, or the beach.  There are also immaterial things, like a mother’s hug, a kind gesture from a stranger, the feeling of anticipation for a vacation or weekend, or the infinite feeling of freedom.  All of these things are so different, and yet they each have something in common.  I always wish there was more of each of them.  However, maybe it isn’t the “thing” itself that’s special.  Maybe it’s the fact that it doesn’t always come easy that makes it desirable.

My church has a youth group that meets every other Friday.  I’ve often wished that we met every Friday, because it’s so much fun to go to.  I like unwinding every once in a while, and hang out with friends.  However, I think if I went any more than I do, it would become something that I take for granted, instead of something I look forward to.

Sometimes, the problem with things that happen every once in a while, is that once they happen, you hope for them to happen again and again.  There was one day, pretty recently, that a thunderstorm knocked out the power at my school.  They tried to fix it, but they concluded that it would take too long to fix and still get school started on time.  They cancelled school for that day, which was great.  However, even though I knew it was probably never going to happen again while I was going there, I still hoped.

There’s also something fun about the good things that you know are coming.  Our eighth grade is going to see the move “The Maze Runner” on Friday, when it comes out.  I know that that is a field trip that won’t happen again, and I’m determined to enjoy it.  The nice things about those good things, is that you can look forward to them.  Although I still like to be surprised with a good thing every once in a while.

Whether it’s a school trip or a surprise day off, good things happen all the time.  While the same good things might not happen again, it’s nice to know that there is more to look forward to.  When something enjoyable does happen, try to enjoy it while it’s there.  Try not to wish for more of those fun things, because often, less is more.  See you next week!

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