By Hannah / 5 years ago

This week, my life has felt hectic.  Maybe it’s the timing of everything, maybe it’s the pressure I’ve been feeling about tests and projects coming up, maybe it’s just been that kind of a week.  For whatever reason, I have felt out of control, like I was riding a wave of raging water that only gets bigger and bigger, with me floundering for air at the crest.  One of the things that keeps me going is hope.

Hope is one of those things that can be hard to describe.  It’s that light feeling inside of you, burning like a miniature candle, keeping you looking forward.  It’s the feeling that helps you look past the problems in your life, to help you dream of easier times.  It’s the wish for times that will be easier, and less complicated.  The problem is, sometimes it feels like those times will never come.

To me, it feels like life never truly slows down.  When you solve one problem, another appears to challenge you again.  Sometimes you’re faced with more than one problem at one time.  When I realized this, I came up with another question:  If life never really simplifies, then when do we get that easier time?  When does our hope become a reality?

Honestly, I think that kind of life would get dull, like if you ask a kid in the middle of summer whether they are looking forward to school, most of them will say yes, purely out of boredom.  What fun would it be to always get what we want, or have everything come easily?  After all, the best things in life are the things that we work for.

Maybe that easy life never truly comes to us.  Maybe life just keeps throwing challenges at us.  Maybe it never really gets easier.  But maybe, we can find glances of that easy life in the small moments of our life.  In the nights when we can kick back and relax.  On the weekend mornings with the whole day stretched out before us, with no requirements or appointments to meet.  Maybe that easy life will never come.  However, we can take solace in those precious moments of peace.  See you next week!

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