Day by Day

By Hannah / 5 years ago

Last week, I was wondering what high school would be like. Now I know. And I have to say, it wasn’t quite like I thought it might be.

In many ways, it’s exactly like I thought. My guesses were based off of my eighth grade experience, and there are some things that haven’t changed from middle school. We walk around to classes, eat lunch, and have homework assigned. The basic fundamental elements of school are still the same. In that respect, not much has changed from last year.

On the other hand, much has changed from last year. The workload is more significant compared to last year, my classes are spread out all over the building, and each student has more responsibilities expected of them. These observations aren’t meant as complaining, because I am excited to have this year be a little more challenging than last year. However, I have been struggling with being so busy and having to rush around.

I’m in my school’s Marching Band, which is a big time commitment, as we meet twice a week for three hour practices. One day a week, my section stays after school to work on music or marching. And through all of this, I’m still involved in Tae Kwon Do and piano lessons. My life has gotten very busy in a short amount of time, and I’m still adjusting to the change.

No matter how busy I get, however, there are going to be days where I don’t have as much to do. Days where I can come home from school and be able to relax on the couch for a while, or watch some TV. The important thing for me right now is to enjoy those afternoons and nights, and use them to recharge and get ready for the next day.

All in all, high school has been difficult to jump into. There are some things that are the same as last year, but there are many things that are completely new. The biggest thing at this point is how busy my life has gotten. But this won’t last forever, and when it becomes challenging, I’ll just make it through day by day until I can get my footing. See you next week!

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