7 – LS Children’s Theatre Troupe

By Guest / 11 years ago

The Lime Springs Children’s Theatre Troupe is the seventh Wonder of Lime Springs.

Play director Annette Rubin has 20 years of experience doing theater. About three years ago, she put on a play to raise money for the library to help super-size it.

Annette had to raise at least $1,300. After the play, someone walked up to her and said, “When is the next play??” Annette said, “This is just a fund-raiser.”

This is when her imagination went to work. Annette got parents and community members involved. Annette has to find a script that fits the space to put the play on and works for the kids. She reads approximately 20-25 plays a year.

Thea Hartzell is the sound producer. She told Annette she wanted to be in the theatre troupe, but not on stage.

Annette has to buy books and scripts off the internet and keep track of the props, costumes, money and supplies.

Tech week is when they have to practice with the props, scenery, make-up, costumes and no scripts. The reason we have tech week is because the actors have to get used to everything.

People come from Cresco, Rochester, LeRoy and all over the area.

Not every small town in Iowa has a theatre troupe like this. It has been a “wonder”ful addition to the Lime Springs Community.