5 – LS Municipal Swimming Pool

By Guest / 11 years ago

The fifth “Wonder of Lime Springs” is the swimming pool. It is different because the pool is slanted. Like other pools, it has a deep area and a shallow area. Lime Springs is a small town, but we are lucky to have a big pool.

The pool opened on June 21, 1955 and cost $20,000 to build. Building this pool was a community project. It holds 250,000 gallons of water. When the pool was first opened the average attendance was about 16,000 people a year. Kids from all around the area took swimming lessons here. Now it has about 50-60 swimmers a day. The pool has 10-12 lifeguards per year.

In the early 1960s, there was a drive-in near the pool. It served ice cream, root bear and burgers. We both think that would be a great idea to have one started up again.

The Lime Springs Pool is 54 years old. They are planning to open this year after Memorial Day. To get the pool ready for swimmers, they have to use special paint and make sure everything is safe.

The deep end is divided from the shallow end by buoys. It takes one day to fill the pool with water.

This is a wonder of Lime Springs because it is the smallest town in Iowa that has a municipal pool. We are so lucky.