What Happened to The Lime Springs Page?

By kaw / 8 years ago

I’ll try to give a short version of a long story.

A couple of weeks ago, Nancy noticed, then I noticed the warnings in the left column. I tried to update the software, hoping that the new program would solve the problem.

It made it worse! Not only did it not get rid of the “junk” but now it won’t let me get “under the hood!” That means I can’t fix anything!

And even worse, I can’t post new articles on the old system.

Because of this, I’m using a totally different system. It is WordPress, a great system. But today I don’t have time to make it look really pretty. I’m just putting this up to provide some information as to what’s happening.

You can still read the posts in the former version by going here: http://ls4.us/index.php.

There won’t be any improvements to The Lime Springs Page for the rest of this week, for sure. Reason: we are leaving for Council Bluffs Tuesday morning to attend a funeral of Pat’s niece.