Today’s Helpful Tip

By kaw / 5 years ago
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Helpful Tip of the Day

Here’s today’s tip! There might be additional tips some other day. It depends on whether any pop into mind.

Let’s say you’ve just had a great dinner at your favorite restaurant. You walk out the door, bid your friends a good evening, then head for your car.

But you can’t find it! Next, you confer with your spouse. Soon, you agree that you’re looking in the right place. However, your car is GONE!

You call the police. They come; you quickly tell them that your car has been stolen. One of the very first questions you’ll try to answer is, “What’s the license number?”

What will you say? Do you know your license number?

I don’t. However, I came up with a way to have it readily available. We all carry those Proof of Insurance cards and they’re the key to this helpful tip.

Today’s Helpful Tip

That brings us to today’s helpful tip:

Write your license number on a blank space on the insurance card,
then you’ll have it readily available.