Relaxed Saturday Welcomed

By kaw / 4 years ago
Photo of Keith; should he retire again?

Relaxed Saturday

I’ve waited for this for several weeks: a relaxed Saturday! Today was the day! In fact, there was nothing on my calendar at all!

It was truly a relaxed Saturday and we made the most of it!

I did surprise Pat by going to Lowe’s and buying a new toilet seat and cover. The bumpers on the existing one were all banged up and didn’t look nice at all. I installed it and it looks great. I’ll be able to sleep well tonight!

Yesterday I bought a new pump for the fountain in front of our home. However, today I fixed the “broken” one so now I have a backup pump. I learned something about that pump which I didn’t know. That’s what made the fix possible. One is never too old to learn, right?

In keeping with the “relaxed Saturday” theme, we went to Freddy’s for a steakburger for lunch. This chain is relatively new to Cedar Rapids and we’ve been there a few times. They serve way too many french fries on each order!

“Oshkosh” Starts Sunday

AirVenture 2016 starts tomorrow. That’s the huge “airshow” up in Oshkosh. I spent the afternoon listening to the controllers who are sorting the planes out when they get to the area. There are a few controllers along side the road just north of the little town of Fisk, WI. Everyone arriving using visual (not instrument) navigation is to fly over Fisk and follow their instructions.

You can listen in, too! Just click here: You might find it interesting —at least for a few minutes.

If you go to my Facebook page, you can see a video of six Pietenpol airplanes flying over Oshkosh! Sorry, I couldn’t figure out how to embed the video in this article.

Tuesday, I plan to drive up to Oshkosh for the day. From here to there is almost exactly 250 miles. When we first moved here, it took five hours to get there. However, it’s now four-lanes all the way, a great improvement from 1978 when we first made the trip from Cedar Rapids. It’ll take about 4 1/2 hours to get there.

Now the bad news: it’ll take about 4 1/2 hours to get home late in the day!

Photo of Keith on a relaxed Saturday

Keith on his Burgman 400

Culture On A Relaxed Saturday

Oh yes, I had a nap this afternoon. I can’t help it, as it’s in my genes —passed on to me by my father. (I’m not complaining!)

Naturally, I also put in a few minutes practicing my banjo. I’ll probably have another short session with it before I go to bed.

The rain has passed, at least for now. I might have to go for a scooter ride to finish off this relaxed Saturday.