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By kaw / 7 years ago

Illegal Immigration Numbers

A recent TV newscast here reported on last year’s report on illegal immigration from the Border Patrol folks. The area covered by this Border Patrol district is about 100 miles along the Rio Grand, then up the coast at least to Corpus Christi and possibly all the way up to Houston.

Last year, they caught about 155,000 illegal immigrants in this area. Interestingly, many are not citizens of Mexico. Four times as many came from Central America than came from Central America just a few years ago.

People from Europe and Asia also choose to enter our country by crossing the Rio Grand. Illegal immigration is more than a “Mexican problem.”

The reporter said that it was easy to get the Mexicans back home; just take them across the river and let them go. Citizens from other countries take longer, he said. Apparently they are taken back to their home country, even if it is in Europe or Asia.

Illegal Immigration Constantly In The News

News stories of illegal immigration are aired several times each week, if not daily. Several “stash houses” have been raided since we’ve been here. They are houses, sometimes in attractive middle-class areas, where those who transport illegals hide them before moving them further north.

Sometimes they find dozens of people in these houses, living in animal-like conditions. Of course there are not beds for that many people so they sleep on the floor.  They often have little food. The neighbors are shocked when the stash house is discovered, as they have no idea what is going on there.

One Rancher Trying To Help Them

There’s a checkpoint on the highway about 75 miles north of here. Everyone knows about it, so the illegals try to walk around it. The conditions are harsh and many die during their time out in the brush. One rancher has found about 15 bodies on his ranch.

Another puts bottled water out for them at certain areas to, hopefully, prevent deaths. Even the Border Patrol tries to help: they have poles with blue lights on them. At the pole, there’s a telephone so the hikers can call for help. They are to wait there and the Border Patrol will go pick them up.

That’s not exactly what they had in mind, but at least they are alive.

Illegal Immigration Costly

Hiring a person to smuggle one into the US is costly. The usual number reported on TV here is a few thousand dollars. That’s easily the life’s savings for many of those wanting to get into our country.

Often, they get abandoned by their “helper,” caught by the border Patrol, and sent back. And they don’t get their money refunded!


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