Happy New Year 2016

By kaw / 5 years ago

I’m sitting here in 52ยบ overcast and misty weather trying to keep up with the Oklahoma/Clemson football game between the snowbanks on the TV. (The TV signal comes down the same cable as does our non-Internet.)

But there is no degradation of our sincere wish that each of you and your families have a Happy New Year! We wish that your families will be healthy and safe, plus enjoy yourselves and each other a bit during the new year.

In an hour or so, we’ll toddle up to the clubhouse for the New Year’s Eve dance. It’s from 8 to 12. I’ll probably set my watch ahead to DST so we can come home at 11 and be none the wiser!

This will be the last article of 2015. Thanks to the loyal readers who visit The Lime Springs Page regularly; I appreciate it. See you in next year!

Happy New Year 2016