Flying Trip to Iowa City

By kaw / 4 years ago
Photo of flying trip to Iowa City

Today our EAA chapter gave free airplane rides to kids in Iowa City. I was offered a flying trip to Iowa City in the back seat of my friend Ron’s Long EZ airplane. He built this plane himself over 20 years ago!

Long EZs have a rather unusual appearance: the tail is in the front and the engine is in the rear! That configuration, coupled with it swept-back wings and large winglets, give it a Star Wars appearance.

The Long EZ was designed for long flights —it can fly 2,000 miles without refueling! Ron and Connie flew it to from Cedar Rapids to Gulf Shores, Alabama, in 5 1/2 hours —and that included a one-hour stop in Missouri!

I thought you might find it interesting to “ride along” so I’m posting a short video of the takeoff at Cedar Rapids and the landing at Iowa City.

Here’s the takeoff. Liftoff happens at about 75-80 mph.

Next, the approach to Iowa City, followed by the actual landing.