Contest Update

By kaw / 10 years ago

This first contest was initiated by Burton Nagel. He provided the suggestion, the subject, and the prize money! Tough to say, “NO” to that kind of offer. So here we are, Burton and I running a contest by remote control.

The goal is to identify each of the 20 people in the picture. Burton reports that 12 of the 20 went on to graduate from LSHS and that seven did not.

He believes these individuals would do well in guessing the identities: Don Collins, Wilton Thomas, Patricia Gasser Borgan, Pete Garrison, Steve Hughes, or Bernard Roesler. If you see any of these folks, please mention the contest to them and suggest that they might score highly. But, like the lottery, one must enter to win!

Lime Springs folks could go to the Lime Springs Public Library to enter. They have a great computer set-up there, with a really fast connection to the internet.

While I won’t reveal the score of entrants to date, I will say that no one is close to naming all 20 individuals so there is still plenty of opportunity to win the $20 first prize or the $10 prize to the entrant whose name is drawn.

Just go to Contests, Create an account, Log in, and leave a Comment with your entry.

If you have questions or problems, please email me or just grab the phone and call, toll-free, 1 866 707-7283.

Good luck!