By Hannah / 7 years ago

I know that usually my articles are more serious, and deal with issues or things that happen in my everyday life.  This time I chose to write an article on something more lighthearted.  I’ve been observing my cat’s a lot lately, so I decided to do a small article on how awesome it is to own a cat.

First of all, cats are like live alarm clocks.  Almost every morning, I get up at five o’clock.  That way, I get an hour or two all to myself.  As soon as I get up, I feed my cats.  As a result, I have trained my cats that when I get up, they get fed.  Somehow, they know exactly when I’m going to get up, and they magically appear outside my bedroom.  If I don’t get up within two minutes of my alarm going off, one cat in particular will bother me until I wake up.  She’ll paw at my wall, meow incessantly, paw my mattress right next to me, and sometimes climb all over me.  It’s very annoying at five in the morning, but by five fifteen, I’m thankful that she woke me up.

Another reason cats are awesome is their cuddle factor.  I don’t care who you are, you have to love a hug from a cat.  Whenever I want a hug, I run to the nearest cat and pick them up.  If they start purring, even better.  Nothing like a happy cat to make you smile.

People say cats are self centered, but the truth is that when you need them, cats will always be there for you.  I don’t mean a cat will be there when you are frustrated about something small.  I mean that cats will be there when you really need them.  My cats seem to understand when I get sad, and they will follow me up to my room to sit next to me and make me feel better.  Whenever I get upset about something, I like to talk to my cats about it.  They listen quietly, which is really nice when you’re feeling upset.

Cats can also be depended upon to be very silly.  I’ve seen my cats do tons of funny things, and they always make me laugh.  My cats run into doors, chase each other around, and sometimes, I can get them to chase a laser light.

If you think about it, cats are the ideal pet.  They are dependable, loving, cuddly, silly, and they will always remember to wake you up at five o’clock in the morning.  Cats will let you pick them up and hug them, and they don’t judge when you need to cry.  All in all, cats make a great pet.  Of course, dogs are good, too.  See you next week!

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