Bill Prochaska

By kaw / 8 years ago

This story goes back to 1955 area basketball, but you’ll see the Lime Springs connection shortly.

The linked article is about the athletic life of Bill Prochaska, originally from Protivin, and his activities as a star basketball player for Protivin Rudolphinium HS. And then his career as a coach and athletic director at Upper Iowa University, the position from which he retired.

Lime Springers, if they don’t remember him as a basketball player, will probably recognize him as the husband of Janet Eaton. I find it hard to believe that friends even younger than I am have been married over 50 years, which is the case with the Prochaskas.

If you go to the webpage and click on the pictures, they’ll be enlarged. Using that scheme, I learned that in 1954 the Howard County Times picks for the all-county teams included not only Bill but also Jerry Hebrink from Lime Springs, both for the first team.

Lime Springs girls faired better. Mary Mahan was picked for the first team. Selections for the second team were Verna McCaustland, Sheryl Moldt, and Marian Williams.

Nancy Sugges, Janet’s classmate, brought this site to my attention so she is the one to thank for making it available here. Thanks, Nancy!

Here’s the article: