Back Home Again

By kaw / 6 years ago

Back Home in Cedar Rapids

As of tomorrow, we’ll have been back home in Cedar Rapids for two weeks.

One measure of our winter is the number of trips to a doctor. We are pleased to report that, using that measure, we had a perfect winter!

By extreme southern Texas standards, the weather was terrible. Many declared that it was the worst they could remember. It rained (drizzled would be a better word) many days, it was cold (30s) many days, and overcast several days in a row several times. None of those are the norm in Mission, TX.

But anytime I got to feeling put-upon by such inclement weather, I just got on the Internet and checked the weather back here in CR. It was always at least 50* warmer where we were! That did a lot to make us feel more comfortable.

Yes, I’m w a y behind in keeping some news posted here. Income tax preparation has trumped every other activity, including riding my scooter and flying. (Does that make me super patriotic??)

But that task should end tomorrow. Then I can spend more time communicating with my Lime Springs friends and others.

Today there are definite signs of Spring! Large buds on a lilac bush at our neighbor’s house and robins singing but not shivering are two signs. People walking to the mailbox without a jacket is a third!