8 – Historic Lidtke Mill

By Guest / 11 years ago

The Lidtke Mill is the eighth “Wonder of Lime Springs.” There were two mills that burned down. Now, this is the third mill they have.
The kids back then had very few toys. They had to shut off all the lights between Lime Springs and Chester at 11:00 p.m.

The Mill is 152 years old. The real Lime Springs used to be out at the Lidtke Mill. Now, they call it Old Town. There were 150 homes, only one of them is still standing.

In the house that’s still standing, it has a high-chair that folds into a stroller. They have a fainting couch in the parlor. The girls had dolls they would play with. The girls also had tea sets they would play with, too.

The house is 100 years old. There are rugs still there made from wool clothing. Everything is still there, just like when he shut the doors.

A man got electrocuted and lost two toes and two fingers during a bad storm. The turbine ran the towns of Lime Springs and Chester in 1960.

The number one reason I chose the Lidtke Mill is because my two aunts were born in the house. You should visit Lidtke Mill because it is interesting and has a great heritage. Not every small town has a great mill like this.