CrossStrung to Become unStrung

By kaw / 4 years ago
Photo of Frea Riggs, CrossStrung child

Did you see and hear CrossStrung perform at last summer’s Sweet Corn Days? We were thrilled that they made the trek from their home in Utah, via performances in Wyoming and Montana, to our little town. Lime Springers have always enjoyed good music and CrossStrung provided fine music for our enjoyment!

Leader Sheri Cluff commented very favorably about their Iowa visit last summer! (I suspect the home-backed pie Deloris provided might have had something to do with their memories of the visit.)

CrossStrung will be unStrung

We were thrilled again to see them perform here in Mission recently. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that the band is disbanding after this season. After four years on the road, it’s time for the family members to take care of “day job” careers and further their education.

Photo of Frea, CrossStrung childHere’s Frea with her mother, Sarah, and two of her aunts: Emma and Leah. This picture was taken at Smith’s RV Park and Resort during their Lime Springs visit in August, 2015.

The picture above was taken recently during their performance in Mission, TX.

Her big sister, Lena, is quite a performer and will fit right into any performances they give in the future.

Photo of CrossStrung performing.

CrossStrung are excellent musicians and superb entertainers. We were fortunate to have attended four of their performances, three here in Texas and one in Lime Springs.

We’re sorry they are disbanding, but I’m sure their talents won’t be totally hidden from the public.  

Thanks for sharing with us Sheri, Emma, Leah, Dan and Sarah! Best wishes for the future!