Update, Finally!

By kaw / 6 years ago
Photo of Christmas cactus

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted any kind of update, hasn’t it. Too long. I’ll try to do better.

Here are some reasons, from my viewpoint, why the last article was so long ago. The main one was getting ready to migrate to Texas for the Winter seemed to consume two to three weeks of mental effort, for some reason. I told Pat that it was like a kid waiting for Christmas.

We also had to make sure we made our contributions to the local medical community, through a number of office visits. Nothing serious at all, just “checking up” on these ol’ bodies.

Then there was the trip itself, which was last week. All week last week! We took a very different route, mainly to avoid Ft. Worth and the construction there. We also totally avoided I-35 and all of its cities, including Des Moines, Kansas City, and Oklahoma City—and that’s before we even got to Texas!

We had a pleasant trip, an afternoon and evening of which was spent with Workamper friends who live near Tyler, TX. It was good to see Kirk and Pam again.

The last reason is that I forgot the power supply for my computer display. It arrived yesterday, so now I can put new articles on The Lime Springs Page, at least theoretically. I still don’t have my desired wi-fi source operational, so this update is coming to you courtesy of our across-the-street neighbors, Lyle and Lila (Goetsch) Helm.

The next article will come in the relatively near future, I promise.

Oh, the flower. It is Pat’s Christmas cactus, which she’s nurtured through the summer.  The Texas sun seems to be bringing out a few dozen buds, so we should have beautiful flowers for several weeks. (Even though it has nothing to do with this update, the system likes photos. What better to show than a beautiful flower?)

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