Neighborhood Color

By kaw / 6 years ago
Photo of neighborhood color

It’s that time of year again! My favorite time, because the nights are cool, the humidity is low, and there is lots of neighborhood color to be enjoyed.

I took all these photos this afternoon, while riding my scooter around looking for good shots. All were within a mile of our home, except for this first one, which was takenĀ along I-380 and about two miles from home.


The next two photos are taken in our settlement, Treeline Ct. NE. Our home isn’t shown, but it’s just like all the others on the outside.20161016_165938


Next are front and back photos of a Trans America building, on Edgewood Road and very near our home. I think it was clever of the builder to build the building right next to that beautiful tree in the front!20161016_164244


The last picture was taken on 42nd Street, about a block west of our “settlement.” I’ve shown those trees before, as they are always colorful and bring much appreciated neighborhood color to our street.20161016_165356

Toward the end of this week, we’re planning a trip to McGregor and Prairie Du Chien. It’ll be a multi-goal trip: see the Fall leaves and have a visit with Gary and Sara Thomas!

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